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Pontifical Council for Culture

Institutions Involved:

Pontifical Council for Culture

_Lateran University

_Gregorian University

_Regina Apostolorum

_Holy Cross University

_Salesian University

_St. Thomas University

_Urbaniana University


This Project is supported by a Grant from John Templeton Foundation

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Pontifical Lateran University

Background and History

The Lateran University has its origins as far back as 1773. In 1853, the faculties of Canon Law and Civil Law were established. The present campus was inaugurated by Pius IX in 1937. In 1959 it received status as a Pontifical University granted by John XXIII. Today there are four faculties at the University: Theology, Canon Law, Civil Law, and Philosophy. Additionally, there are three institutes: the Pontifical Institute of Utriusque Iuris , the Pontifical Pastoral Institute Redemptor Hominis , and the Institute for Marriage and Family.

Program Overview

The Project integrates two already existing Specialization (License) programs in:

  • “Logic and Epistemology” in the Faculty of Philosophy devoted to deepening the relationship between scientific and philosophical knowledge of reality;
  • “Science of Religions” in the Faculty of Theology devoted to developing dialogue between religions.

This integration mainly consists in inviting several world renowned scholars of Science, Philosophy and Theology to give special courses , seminars and public lectures.

Year I

Trinitarian Theology (P. Coda)
From Metalogic to Metaphysics (G. Basti)
Physics, Metaphysics and the Origin of the Universe (G. Basti)
Elements of Mathematics (P. Giustini)
Philosophy of Nature (G. Basti)
Introduction to Intensional Logic I: Epistemic Logic (S. Galvan)
Introduction to Formal Ontology (N. B. Cocchiarella)
Elements of General Physics (R. Messi)
Introduction to Physical Cosmology (P. J. Steinhardt)

Year II

Trinitarian Theology (P. Coda)
From Metalogic to Metaphysics (G. Basti)
Introduction to Intensional Logic I: Epistemic Logic (S. Galvan)
Elements of General Physics (R. Messi)
Philosophy of Nature (G. Basti)
Microphysiological Basis of Intentional Behavior (W. Freeman)
Elements of the Neurophysiology of Intelligence (L.A. Pititto)
Mind-Body (G. Basti)
Elements of Mathematics (P. Giustini)


The main research field of the program at the Lateran is “A New Anthropology for the Third Millenium” which aims to outline an anthropology for the human being in the Third Millenium that incorporates the tenets of the Western religious traditions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – with the latest scientific developments on man in the natural sciences, particularly Neuroscience and Cognitive Science.


Scientific Committee for the STOQ Project at the Lateran 

Gianfranco Basti, Program Director, Faculty of Philosophy. Born in Rome , Italy , in 1954. Professor of The Philosophy of Nature and of Science at the Pontifical Lateran University.

Antonio Livi, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy

Piero Coda, Faculty of Theology

Antonio Luigi Perrone, IRAFS (Secretary)



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