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Pontifical Council for Culture

Institutions Involved:

Pontifical Council for Culture

_Lateran University

_Gregorian University

_Regina Apostolorum

_Holy Cross University

_Salesian University

_St. Thomas University

_Urbaniana University


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Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum)


The Angelicum is an institution dedicated to teaching and research which is sponsored by the Dominican Order in Rome. Its goal is to play a part in traditional Catholic teaching in the midst of contemporary society. Accepting the radical challenges, but not the compromises, the Angelicum forms modern disciples of St. Thomas Aquinas by following the direction of two of our most well-known alumni: M.D. Chenu, OP (medieval expert and precursor of Vatican Council II), J.M. Tillard, OP (Theologian and worker in the ecumenical movement) and K. Wojtyla (1978-2005) (extraordinarily charismatic Pope).

The Angelicum is an academic community consisting of 150 instructors representing 30 countries and 1400 students from 98 countries. Dominican sisters and friars make up 2/3 of this group. The University is composed of 4 faculties: Theology, Philosophy, Canon Law and Social Science. Programs of study in Theology and Philosophy are offered in both Italian and English.

As a participating university in the STOQ Project, the Angelicum seeks to make its own contribution to research and teaching both in the field of Natural Philosophy as well as Natural Theology. Taking up a tradition that goes back to Albert the Great and the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelicum believes that it is important to strengthen the bonds of Philosophy, Science and Theology to create a vision that, while allowing for diversity, presents a united method of teaching and discipline in the various subject areas.


Program Overview

The aim of the program is to offer courses of specialization that correspond to the specified objective and to promote programs of research on the theme mentioned, thus permitting our students and future doctors to be active in and capable of valuable contribution to current debates between theologians, philosophers and scientists. With this aim the Angelicum has committed itself for the next three years to the theme "Creationism and Evolutionism" that will be articulated in the organic presentation of the following specific themes:
1) "The Origin of Life in the Universe"- 2006-2007,
2) "The Life of Man"- 2007-2008,
3) "Creationism & Evolutionism"- 2008-2009.

Concretely, the triennial program will proceed by offering, in diverse modalities, an in-depth study that includes intensive courses of specialization, public conferences and conventions, and financed programs of research.

Regarding research, the Angelicum has decided upon three areas for each year:
1) The Metaphysics of Creation in St. Thomas Aquinas,
2) Complexity, Simplicity and Theology in Creation and Evolution,
3) The Concept of Causality in St. Thomas and Creation in Science and Revelation.

The STOQ Project will be incorporated in both the second cycle for the License and in the Fundamental and Anthropological sections in the Faculty of Philosophy and in the sections treating Fundamental Theology and Ecumenism in the Faculty of Theology.



Professor Albert Bagood, OP (General Director)
Faculty of Philosophy

Professor Alessandro Salucci, OP (Scientific Director)
Faculty of Philosophy


Albert Bagood, OP

Alessandro Salucci, OP

Prof. Giulia Lombardi (Secretary)
Tel. +39 0667 02427

Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum)
Largo Angelicum, 1
I 00184 Rome



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